Helicopter Training Apps

Helicopter pilot apps


This great little pilot app provides the helicopter pilot in training with all the information required to pass the PPL exams. You can visit PPL Tutor on your desktop, download via IOS or even Android for FREE. Every user will receive the AIR LAW revision and examination for free. Air law is one of 9 modules required to pass the PPL examinations. If you are satisfied with the content, in app purchases are provided to unlock the rest of the PPL Course. Each mock exam costs £2.99, with revision £3.99 or you can unlock the whole lot for £19.99. A must have for an aspiring fixed wing or rotary pilot.


Basic Instruments Trainer

To help trainee helicopter pilots get their head around Very High Frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Range (VOR) navigation systems I would strongly suggest downloading a free or LITE version of a Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) trainer or navigation aid application. I am using NAV AID LITE on iOS but it can also be downloaded via the Google Play store here. There are paid apps that look much better and offer a wider selection of instruments to "play" with  but for understanding key aspects of basic instrument flying, this app will suffice. 

Helicopter Weather apps

Helicopter flying in the clouds

The Met Office

The Met office is a great place to start, especially when training as you'll be able to start recognising when you can and can't fly. If you sign up for Met Office General Aviation then you can download the latest METAR and TAF reports for your helicopter flight planning.

The iOS app can be downloaded here.

The android app can be downloaded here


As you progress through your helicopter training, you will start understanding aviation weather forecasts. 

AeroWeather is made for pilots and provides the user with  TAF, METAR and NOTAM reports. If you're practising for your met or nav exams then you can decode the raw data to see if you have understood it. Just search for your airfield and any others in your flight area and the app will update the information in real time. I have found this app incredibly useful in determining whether a flight will be cancelled. There is a LITE and a Pro version. Make sure you try before you buy.

Download Aero Weather for iPad or iPhone here.

Helicopter Navigation Apps

flight navigation and compass


In order to use the SkyDemon app you will need to purchase a subscription. It is one of the highly regarded aviation apps used by many EASA pilots. The subscription costs £139 inc VAT and £89 inc VAT to renew annually. Download the Sky Demon iOS or the Sky Demon Android apps free today, sign in using your subscription details and fly your helicopter without the risk of getting lost.