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If you do decide to learn how to become a helicopter pilot you'll quickly realise that the practical side of the training is only one aspect. To pass your PPL H you'll have to complete nine exams and a further thirteen to fourteen exams if you go on to complete your CPL H and or ATPL. Some of the information required to pass these exams can be learned on the course but you will need to absorb as much information from written material as you can, in order to succeed. 

However, if you happen to know any pilots, you'll know they always have a story to tell - some funny, some scary, but all interesting. Keep checking back here for updates of new books that I've come across or that have been recommended. If you know of any that should be on the list then please email me at will@eggbeater.co.uk.

Helicopter training books and helicopter story books.

Helicopter training books and helicopter story books.

Helicopter Training Books (PPL H)

Phil Croucher's Private Helicopter Pilot Studies book (EASA Edition)

Private Helicopter Pilot Studies (£49.95)

A great first start is Phil Croucher's Private Helicopter Pilot Studies (EASA Edition ). This book was recommended to me by Advance Helicopters to pass the nine exams for the private pilot licence: 

  • Human performance and limitations
  • Principles of flight
  • Airframe and systems
  • Instruments
  • Navigation
  • Air law and ATC procedures
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Meteorology
  • VFR communications

This book offers an in depth view of the knowledge required to "become a successful, private helicopter pilot" but was written for students who are striving to become professional pilots. Croucher is a highly qualified airman with well over 8700 hours and the training at his company, Caledonian Advance Pilot Training is well regarded. 

You can buy this book via the publishers, Electrocution or on Amazon. If you'd prefer a PDF version then that can be found for $29.99 via the publishers.