Useful Helicopter links

Helicopter associations, CAA, EASA, RAF, POOLEYS

The Civil Aviation Authority

The CAA is the UK regulator for the airline industry.  They supervise the issuing of UK licenses, carry out inspections and test equipment for the civil aviation industry including the helicopter industry.

European Union Aviation Safety Agency

EASA is the European agency for safety regulation in the civil aviation industry. Their website has useful links to associations within Europe. A UK helicopter pilot license currently falls under EASA.

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots

A top livery company based in London that aims to promote the highest standard of air safety through quality helicopter and fixed wing airmanship.

British Helicopter Association

The BHA is a non-profit organisation that was established to promote the use and ownership of helicopters in the UK.

Egg Beater

Follow an aspiring pilot who has just started out in the industry and intent on fulfilling his passion to becoming a professional helicopter pilot. You will find useful links, information, blogs and videos.

Helicopter networks and Forums

PPRUNE and social media links

PPRUNE - Rotorheads

PPRUNE is a great place to connect with helicopter pilots and enthusiasts. This Forum helped me when I was in the research stage. It is packed with useful information and some of the contributors on there really know their stuff. Sign up or lurk, I am certain your question has been asked and answered. It is also a great place to keep up to date with the latest helicopter crashes and any inquests into the incidents which ultimately aim to make the skies safer.  You can find me on PPRUNE at Eggbeateruk.

Helicopter Network - Facebook

For all things helicopters with tonnes of awesome footage from pilots and enthusiasts this is a great place to find like minded people, especially if you already have a Facebook account.

Helicopter Pilot Network - Facebook

Another great network for helicopter pilots alike on Facebook. They even have a dedicated website which you can find below. - Social

Don't forget you can also connect with the growing community @eggbeateruk on Facebook. Not only does Egg Beater have a dedicated website and blog but you can also find other information and videos at the following links.