Helicopter Quick Stops and other manoeuvres

How to avoid birdstrikes in a helicopter. 

Formation Flying, R66 & 2x R44's

Three helicopters land at a pub. 

Airfield solo flying

Forwards, backwards, side to side, up and down everything in between, all on my own. Read the blog post here.

Learning to Fly solo

The second successful solo helicopter flight in my pilot training. NOW with cockpit audio!

Read the full post here.

Navigation and map reading troubles

Watch the difficulties of maintaining level flying while map reading or read the full blog post about helicopter navigation.

Relax with Egg Beater Helicopter Videos

A very relaxing video of a navigation flight between Lydd and Shoreham across the Kent and Sussex coast! Read the mini blog post here.

Basic Instrument flying - R22

PPL Training - Flight time 24.8hrs - 

Helicopter Videos

Watch my first instrument only flight wearing "foggles". Find out what these are by reading the blog post here 

Helicopter Navigation over Sussex

PPL Training - Flight Time 23.8hrs - 

Helicopter Videos

A time lapse of a helicopter navigation from Shoreham to Uckfield and over the South Downs in Sussex. See how I planned the route by reading the full blog post here .

My first helicopter solo in an r22

PPL Training - Flight Time 20hrs -

Helicopter Videos

One of the greatest feelings ever. I'll let my facial expressions do the talking but you can also read the full blog post here.

Limited power and Slope T/o And Landings

PPL Training - Flight Time 19hrs -

Helicopter Videos

Last few practices of the circuit before my first solo. Today I learned how to land and take off with limited power as well as on slopes. Read the full blog post here

Confined Areas and Forced Helicopter Landings

PPL Training - Flight Time - 16.7hrs - Helicopter Videos

I have started practising assessing landing areas and simulating scenarios where I am forced to land the helicopter. Find out how I got on here.

Advanced Auto Rotations with Advance Helicopters

PPL Training - Flight Time -  15.5hrs - Helicopter Videos

Here I am practicing some advanced auto rotations at varying speeds. Find out what I am talking about on this helicopter blog post.

Quick stops in an R22 Helicopter

PPL Training - Flight Time - 14.5hrs - Helicopter Videos

The weather was terrible so practised some quick stops around the airfield which I shared with two Apache helicopters. Read the full post here.

R22 Training Hover (Engine Off) and Circuit Autos

PPL Training - Flight Time - 13.5hrs - Helicopter Videos 

You'll see in this video that I am practicing engine failures in a hover and fine tuning my circuit auto rotations. See more here.

Accurate Flying Practice with Advance Helicopters

PPL Training - Flight Time - 11.3hrs -Helicopter Videos

This training video shows me getting to grips with flying accurately in the Robinson R22. Read the full blog post here.

Flying the Shoreham Circuit in an R22

PPL Training - Flight Time - 9.3 hrs - Helicopter Videos

This video shows my first ever circuit around Brighton City Airport with Advance Helicopters. Read the full blog post here.